Welcome Ben Jackson, Our New Board Member!

The news is a little late getting to the website but we wanted to make sure to let everyone know that we are excited to add a new member to our advisory board. Included is Ben’s own letter to the board which makes clear his passion for education and Project VOYCE.

Dear Project Voyce Advisory Board:

When Brian Barhaugh first approached me about possibly joining the Project Voyce Board of Directors, I was thrilled. As a teacher, I had the great opportunity to work directly with Bruce Randolph’s youth leaders and witness firsthand the rapid growth of a program that is so utterly committed to empowering students.Leadership is important to me: specifically, the identification of potential youth leaders and their subsequent development. Invaluable are opportunities for youth to interact with adults, take ownership over complex tasks and demonstrate leadership among their peers and others. In fact, I credit much of my own success to such opportunities. Former students of mine like Lilia Roman, Janet Luna, Romel Greer, Jorge Lopez and Esmeralda Aguilar have all benefitted tremendously by becoming involved in the organization and it has made me proud to be associated with their work as youth leaders in Project Voyce.  Continue reading

Project VOYCE Video

Here is Project VOYCE on Youtube with a 2 minute video created last week by 16 year old PV leader Samantha Lobato. It is the PV application to present a workshop at a national summit on youth in education put on by the US Department of Education.

UPDATE: Project VOYCE was selected! Kudos to Samantha for her great work. We do however still need help. In the words of our director Brian Barhaugh,

“This is a great opportunity to get our work on the national stage, but it does not come with funding to get us there.  All three schools are willing to help out to get one of their youth there, however we will still need about $1,000 to cover costs.  If you or anyone you know is inclined to help Project VOYCE get to Washington please let us know as soon as possible.”

If you want to help out just click on the Paypal donate button on the sidebar. Thanks for the support!